Super Teams

It seems like this is the year to rank Super Bowl teams. The NFL and NFL films has been doing in NFL Network with the America's Game Series. I would like to that website, but it is one of the worst websites I have ever seen. The page never stopped loading and it froze up my browser. I am surprised that the NFL does not know how to write a web page. I cannot find the results anywhere else on the web. has also ranked all the teams to be in the Super Bowl from 80 to 1. I do not agree with their list all that much. ESPN looks at the whole season the team had. I think they are putting too much weight on the whole career the players had. I would not put the 1989 49ers as the greatest Super Bowl team of all time.

1. 1985 Bears
2. 1984 49ers
3. 1966 Packers
4. 1978 Steelers
5. 1968 Jets

I put the 85 Bears at the top of the list because no and I mean no one was going to beat them. You could have lined up anyone against them in the Super Bowl and they were going to win.

I like the 84 49ers because it is harder define greatness. I think this is the point where the 94ers went from a team to the team of the 80s.

The 66 Packers make my list because they were first. This might not have been the best Packers team of that 60's, but they had no road map. If they did not win this game they would not have been the team of the 60s. That is a big weight.

I put the 78 Steelers on this list because it is the first Super Bowl I remember watching. This team is mythic in my mind. There is no other way to put it

The 68 Jets is on this list because they were the underdog and still won. If they would have lost that game it would have been not shame. There is something to be said for winning when everyone else is betting against you.


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