Tickets in a Bottle

The tickets for the Police Reunion Tour went on sale today. Tickets at the McAfee Coliseum in Oakland range from $380 to $50. The $380 tickets are called Gold Hot Seat Package. If I am paying that much for tickets I want a gift bag that has a little gold in it. That is a lot of money to pay for a concert.

I have paid more than $50 for concert tickets a couple of times. That was not to see a concert from the upper deck of a stadium. I am not sure who is buying the $380 tickets. I could see buying the $90 tickets if I was dating a really big Police fan. My concert budget for the year is not $380. That is more than I am going to spend buying music for a year.

This should make me more angry than it does. I should be upset that the Police are cashing in on their past. I should be upset that idiots are willing to pay that much for a band that has not really done anything in 20 years. I just cannot work up the anger. There are more important things to get upset about than people who are living in the past,


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