Who are you calling a pervert?

I had to laugh when I read the story about people upset that Kink.com buys the Armory in San Francisco. Kink.com wants to turn the building into a studio. The local neighborhood is worried about that this will do to the area. They are worried that it will attract perverts to the area.

This shows me that BDSM has a long way to go before it sees anything close to mainstream acceptance. People who would not object to homosexuals will object to BDSM. This tells me that people still look down upon BDSM. I am not sure if will ever become mainstream, but my guess is that most of the people practicing BDSM do not want to be called perverts.

The funny thing to me is that this is happening in San Francisco. People who would been seen as perverts in the rest of the country are some of the best citizens here. I think that a lot of problems are caused by people having to hide who they are sexually. Being open about these things keep people from having to run around in the shadows. I thought San Francisco was about people able to be whoever they really are. I guess we are not there yet.

Every version of this story I have seen so far includes the line "low-income housing advocates killed proposals to develop the Armory into offices or apartments". Does anyone know the story behind this? Why did low-income housing advocates kill this? I would love to hear this story.

I am all for Kink.com taking over the building and using it however they want. This is America and there is nothing wrong with them expressing their free speech by free enterprise.


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