Don't Call It YouTube culture gone bad

I heard today that the shooter in the Virginia Tech shooting mailed a package to NBC between the first and second shooting. I am now counting the hours from now until someone blames this on YouTube. I expect to hear a commentator to say this happened because of our look at me culture. I am expecting the internet and current youth culture to take a big heap of blame. I think all of that is bull.

This was a sick guy who did not get the help he needed. I do not know if he did not want help or if the system failed. This is someone who was damaged and snapped. This is plain and simple. Seeing the footage from the DVD convinces me he was ill. People like this do not need YouTube to snap.

The problem is that does not answer the question Why did this happen. In the end there is no answer to why. The world just works that way. I am sorry to say.


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