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I have received a lot of complements for this photo. I think I am more or less lucky when it comes to a photo like this. I have to put myself in the place to get a good photo.

Thinking about photography, the first and hardest challenge is finding places to take photos. It is not always easy to go out and find things to take photos of. Sometimes it is as easy as just walking down the street. For a photo like this I had to find my way up to the top of a mountain at sunset.

The second challenge is knowing that the shot will look like before you take it. You have to be able to see your subject in the world and have an idea what the photo will look like. Even if you are not totally correct, you need some idea. I think this is what some photographers call having an eye.

The third challenge is having the ability to capture the photo. Sometimes it is a matter of skill, sometimes it is a matter of equipment. I often see a shot that I do not have the lens to capture. If I had more skill I would be able to get shots with lessor equipent

The last thing you need it luck. Sometimes you get the photo without trying. Sometimes you have everything set right and you still cannot get the photo. Some people looking at my flickr photostream might say that I rely a little too much on luck.

I am not sure if this is my best photo of 2007, but it might be. Tell me what you think.


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