ROI for apple hardware - old

I am thinking about finally replacing my old iBook. I replaced it once before, but that laptop was stolen and I had to go back to my old iBook. My iBook is the best laptop that I have ever owned or used. It has held up great to all my abuse. I have never had a real problem with it. When I did have problems Apple Care was there to step in and fix it.

All that being said, I am not sure I should get another apple laptop to replace this laptop. In the time since I bought this laptop the prices for windows laptops have come down a good deal. You can now find a low end laptop for about $500. An average laptop costs about $800. If I go out and buy a MacBook with Apple care it will cost me about $1500. My MacBook that was stolen cost me about $1800 after a few add-ons.

The question is, Is it worth the extra cost for me to buy a new Mac Laptop? I am not sure how to figure this out. I like using a Mac. I like how easy everything seems, but I could figure out a PC if I had to. I use a PC at work. There is more software I cannot use because of not running Windows than not using a OSX. Most of that software is video software like Amazon Unbox. I know that I can run Windows on a MacBook if I chose. That will run me another couple hundred of bucks for the copy of Windows. Is it really worth the money?


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