Brand v. Self

The other night I watched an episode of Frontline about advertisement titled, The Persuaders. The episode really got me thinking about brand. Which brands are important to and which brands are not. There are brands I prefer, but I do not think they are core to my purchase decisions. There are brands I prefer, but I do not see myself a fan of that company.

The show is all about how companies get people to buy their products. I would like to say that I always buy the best product for me. I would like to say that advertisements never change my ideas. I know that is not true. I know that I see ads and want the product in the ad. I see ads and decide what I am going to have for dinner.

After seeing the episode of Frontline I thought of the idea of the tag cloud of my brands. Seeing which brands are in my life. It is not only the brands I know I like, but the brand I use begrudgingly. I know that the tag cloud below is not accurate, but it is a start. I think it could be an interesting art project.

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