Breaking Into Stanford

Both the local ABC and Fox station did stories about the Sanford Student Impostor, Azia Kim. It was big news that a girl pretended to be a Stanford student for almost a year. My first reaction to this story was, good for her. At 18 years old someone can make a mistake like this without it ruining her whole life. I think that she has to be admired at least a little for trying this.

I am hoping that she does not have too much legal problems from this. I hope it does not hurt the rest of her life. From reading and watching stories about her the school wants to come down hard on her. I guess they think they look bad and do not want other kids to try this. I can see why Stanford does not want to be seen as an easy mark.

If Azia Kim's life was a movie, it would end with Stanford admitting her after her impressing a dean or students holding a rally for her. This is not a movie and I doubt she will set fort on Stanford's campus for long. If I was a college looking for a little publicity I would offer to admit her to my college. I doubt that will happen either. I hope things work out for her. I know that ethics are important, but You can see her as someone who is willing to think outside the box to get what she wants. there are lots of people who see that as a good thing.


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