Content and Conduct

Blogs are just like the rest of the world. In the same way they give us the chance to communicate with the rest of the world, they also give people the power to be jerks.

Outsiders often make the mistake of viewing blogs as the online equivalent of newspapers or magazines with newsrooms of reporters and managing editors reviewing copy, said Jeff Jarvis, a blogger and associate professor at the City University of New York's graduate school of journalism. They are not. "No one edits the Internet," Jarvis said. Traditional "media are things you sanitize, control and put a bow on." The Web is not.

The internet is like a huge cocktail party. Every once is communicating, telling stories, having fun. Of course there are loud jerks that want to shout everyone else down. If those jerks are not careful, other people will leave and they will just be communicating with each other. That is what bloggers have to be careful about.


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