Fake Stanford Student fakes the Jr. Army

It appears that Azia Kim was also taking ROTC classes at Santa Clara Univ. This really makes we wonder what she was thinking. I wonder how long she thought she could pull it off. I wonder if she thought this might help her if she got caught. Did she do this just because she wanted to take the class.

The university and Stanford police department are still investigating how she led such a life, undetected, for so long.

But ROTC's Rosenburgh said the Army has no intention of investigating the incident further. "It seems to have been a harmless prank," he said.

It is funny when Stanford is more upset than the U.S. Army. I know this would be different if she made a commitment to the Army. That does not come until the junior year.

All of this makes me wonder who she was and what she was doing. Did she have a plan or was she just winging it.


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