The blog grave yard

The other day I did a search for how many dead blogs are there? I am interested in this because I have been looking at old Sad Salvation entries. There are lots of blog entries I point to blogs that are no longer there. That made me think about dead blogs and extinct blogs. The difference between the two are is that dead blogs are still sitting there in cyberspace not being updated, extinct blogs are missing from cyberspace. I know I am making up these terms. I feel that dead blogs and extinct blogs are different from each other and should be seen that way. If you have better terms for these things let me know.

I found an blog post about dead blogs that points to an article about dead blogs. I think that both of these things are pretty interesting. There is no shame that the rate of growth of blogs has slowed. I think we have not entered the second phase for blogging yet. I think the story of blogs and the impact on society is far from over. I think that is the important thing. Even if there are a lot of dead blogs out there, what matters is that readers still find blogs to read.

Everything on the web should be permanent, but it is not. There are hosting fees and URL registration fees. If you do not keep those things up your blog will go away even after it is dead. The information can be lost. Now my blog points to sites that are no longer there.

Now, everything comes with a blog. Almost Every social network site has a blogging feature that goes along with it. Sites from MySpace, Last FM, to OK Cupid have blogs. I cannot create enough content for the blogs I already have. There is no way to create a new blog for every site I sign up for. As web 2.0 kicks in, a new phase of blogging is going to start. I think that this blogs are going to different than the last generation off blogs. I think the users will be less invested in them and they will go dead at a much faster rate. I also think there will be a lot more private friends only blogs with social network sites.

I think we will see more changes if micro blogging like Twitter catches on. I think we will see a different level of blogging. I think we do not know what changes that will bring.

Even if there are a lot of dead blogs, blogs are not going away. Even if the rate of growth of blogs have slowed, it does not mean the change created by blogs is going away. The promise of blogs is that anyone can get their message out there. If you are good enough people will read you. I think the Huffington Post is a great example of how blogs have changed the world. Arianna Huffington and Kenneth Lerer did not have to create a magazine or get a show on a cable network to get their message out there. I think this revolution will not end even if the trend of everyone having a blog ends.


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