On the Surface

I will admit that I am skeptical of the Microsoft Surface computer. It looks like I am not the only one. I think this video really hits the idea head on. I think Microsoft has some good ideas here. I think they are looking at user interface in an interesting way. I think that we will be looking at more ways to integrate computers into our homes in the future.

While the Microsoft demo is interesting, I have a hard time seeing regular people buying a system like this. Unless this is just a UI device you hook up to other computers or this can connect with a PC and an X-Box to get everything to work together, it is pretty useless.

Over the last couple of years the trend of all computing has been portable. People want smart phones and laptops. I understand the desire to reduce the computerness of a computer, but I am not sure what this device will look like in a house. I am not sure what Dell or HP would make to carry this OS.

Microsoft has been trying to get into the connect home for years. Their only success has been the X-Box. You would think that would change the way they view this kind of product, but it does not seem to be true. Some people might say that they only put this out because they need to distract people from the iPhone.


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