Clothing and meaning

Prostitutes in Mombasa are getting rid of skimpy clothing and are now dressing in modest buibui. It is Kenya's version of the niqab. The reaction to this is very interesting to me. In the story, women who wear the buibui for religious reasons feel this is disgraceful. If prostitutes are where they buibui, it loses all of its respect.

I have to disagree with this idea. If street walkers are dressing like pious women it should not be a problem. The problem is hidden from public view. Pious men are not tempted by women showing too much skin. The society can work from there to improve the problems.

The story is missing an important idea. How do the clients figure out who to approach if the prostitutes are dressed like the pious women? Are all the women being approached or is there a secret code? Some how the people willing to pay for sex need to need who to go to. If regular women are being approached by for sex by strangers, that is when this becomes a big problem.

Of course the problem is that the buibui is no longer a sign that a woman is pious. She could be anyone. There is nothing special for the woman who chooses to wear the buibui. It is no longer a way for them to declare their faith. It is a tricky situation. I am a person who thinks that a pious person should not worry about if other people can tell if they are pious or not. I know that other people do not agree with that.

From everything I have ever read, prostitution is a demand side problem. The police need to crack down on the clients before anything can happen. It is easier to crack down on the prostitutes.


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