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Comic Con 2006: Optimus Prime
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I went to see the Transformers movie the other day. What I can say about the movie is that I got all I expected. It is a movie about giant robots and things getting blown up. What more do I need to say. It is the kind of movie where you can shut off your brain.

While I was watching the movie I was thinking about the Autobots and the Decepticon. When the first cartoon started the Decepticons where mostly Jets. You had the three main Jets, Skywarp, Strarscream, and Thundercracker are all F-15 jets. On top of that you have Megatron who is a Walker PPK and Shockwave who is a laser gun. Many would say that the F-15 was the greatest weapon system of the 1980s.

Fighter jets have only one purpose, war. If they are not being used for war, they are a waste. They really cannot server another purpose. It is not like you can use them for passengers or cargo.

On the other side the Autobots are cars. Cars are the symbol of American freedom. They are the greatest tool to the great American masses. Cars are the way we get around. Even if you have a better car than me, both cars go from point A to point B. Cars are extremely useful. The Autobots show this. They are a Big Rig, VW Beetle, Van, Ambulance, Race Car, and 4x4.

There is something in this idea that really strikes me. The Decepticon have to be warlike. If they were not warlike they would have nothing to do. The Autobots do not have to be warriors. They could have a good life just being cars. Of course the Autobots have to fight, because they have to defend the world from the Decepticon. They cannot stand by as the Decepticon create war.

I wonder if the people who made the toys thought about this before. I guess they just thought, Cars v. Planes Cool.


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