Comic Con 2007: Crush

Comic Con 2007: Cute
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I have been swimming in Comic Con Photos. I have been back from comic con for two days and I am not half way through the photos yet. I posted as many as I could while I was at the show, but I took around 2000 photos. It is a lot to go through and look at. Posting all of them would not be satisfying. I know I will be posting these photos for a while yet. Hopefully I will still have people's attention by the time I am done.

Looking at these photos so often, I think I develop crushes on some of the subjects of the photos. I see something in the photos that just draws me in. I cannot look away from the photo and wonder what the people are like. I think about the photography so much, I feel like I know more about the person that I do.

The moment of the photograph lasts a very long time for me, while it is just a nanosecond for the subject. I do not know if this woman will ever see this photo. If I met her again I know I could not explain how the photo effected me. I have tried with other women in the past and it has not come across.

I am not sure why the photos I take have this effect on me. I am not sure why I get the feeling that I know something about my subjects. This may be why I like photography so much. It is a way to capture a moment that cannot be captured any other way.


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