Comic Con 2008 Wishlist: #1 Flickr Party

At next year's Comic Con I would love for Flickr to throw a Flickr party. I would love to see some of the Flickr staff go to San Diego during Comic Con and have a meet and greet with Flickr users.

Comic Con is the highlight of my Flickr Year. It gets me more photos, more views, more favorites, and more comments that any other single event of the year. This year I have got lots of positive feedback for my photos. I got feedback from my contacts, people I do not know, and some of the people who are the subjects of the photos.

There are so many people taking digital photos at Comic Con. It would be a great place for Flickr to promote itself. Show the different Comic Con groups. Show people it is a great place to post photos from an event like Comic Con. There are lots of people there to promote your product to. A party might be a great promotion.

I think throwing a party would be a great promotional tool for Flickr. Maybe even do it as an art show. I know that most of us Flickr using Comic Con photo hacks would love to have our photos in a show.

For the last couple of years I have suggested having a gathering of Flickr users at comic con, but no one can ever agree on what to do. Not living down there it is hard to organize. No one wants to take charge because everyone is focused on Comic Con. Having Flickr throw the party might overcome that.

I would love the meet the other flickr Comic Con photographers. I have the feeling that it will not happen unless Flickr throws the party. I need a way to share this idea with Flickr marketing people.


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