Comic Con Photo Check list Finished

I only scored a 6 out of 10 on my check list. I guess I failed. It was still a good time.

1. Mary Marvel
Failed - I saw one, but she did not look happy so I did not ask her for a photo

2. One of the Cast of Heroes
Succeeded - I was surprised no one was dressed like any other cast remember
Comic Con 2007: Save the Cheerleader

3. a Leia I have not taken a photo of yet
Succeeded - Endor Leia. I would like a visual list of all the leia costumes

Comic Con 2007:

4. a padme I have not taken a photo of yet
Failed - I did not see anyone dressed at Padme at all. Strange this is as close as I got

Comic Con 2007: Darth Padme

5. a Transformer
Succeeded - I expected to see more transformers, but I only saw one.
Comic Con 2007: Soundwave

6. New crossover costume
Succeeded - There were not as many there as past years. Steampunk Ghostbuster was the best.
Comic Con 2007: Steampunk Ghostbuster

7. Character from Kevin Smith movie
Succeeded - Cocknocker from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Comic Con 2007

8. Battlestar Galactica Dress Uniform
Failed - The best I could do were bridge officers
Comic Con 2007: BSG Officers

9. Dr. Who
Succeeded - I expected to see one of the current doctors, but I only saw the fifth doctor.
Comic Con 2007: Dr Who

10. Black Batman (To along with Black Superman)
Failed, No Black Batman. I will have to keep looking


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