Smart, but does not know how the world works

A friend linked to an entry on Scott Adam's blog. The entry is about things that are common knowledge but do not play out to his logical conclusion. Here is a perfect example of his logic

Everyone knows most vegetarians don’t get enough protein. You probably know a few vegetarians yourself. Have you ever heard of an adult vegetarian being hospitalized because of protein deficiency? You’d expect to go to the hospital for a bunion operation and be turned away because all the beds are full of vegetarians with lackofproteinitis.

Wow, this is an example of not knowing what your information means. Yes many vegetarians don’t get enough protein, but what are the results of not getting enough protein. What kinds of problems does it cause and what problems does it make worse? Just because people have a medical condition, it does not mean they are using a hospital bed.

I know that he is trying to humorous and write something interesting. My problem is that this logic reminds me of a number of really intelligent people I know. (Most of them Dilbert fans) I know tons of smart people who do not understand logic very well. They construct arguments like this and say their logic is perfect. The problem is that their premises is all screwed up. I guess I see too much of this logic in real life to find it funny.


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