Cool Jerk is F'N Metal

I just finished reading Hodabeast (Cool Jerk vol. 1). If you visit my bathroom right now you will find it on the It is Paul Horn's first collection of Cool Jerk comics. I have been a Cool Jerk fan for a couple of years now. I have run into him at Wonder Con and Comic Con the last couple of years. Not only is he a good guy, I really like the Cool Jerk strip. Not only his paul a good guy, the strip is also funny.

I like Hodabeast for the most part. My only problem is how old the strips are. He is going all the way back to the start of Cool Jerk for this book. I do not know how old the strip is but there are 90210 and lollapalooza jokes here. It is a good insight to how the book started, but I wish the collection was more recent. For 12 bucks, it is worth picking up.


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