Got Caught Stealing

SFlickr October Meetup: fetching
Originally uploaded by earthdog.
Lane Hartwell is pissed off at people stealing her photos, or at least infringing on the copyright. (Yes I am one of those people who think theft and copyright infringement are two different things.) There are items on Scott Beal's Liquid Squid and Like it Matters. I wonder if people like me make it harder on people like her. I know that I am not a great photographer. I am no where near Lane Hartwell in skill or talent. I am the kind of person who does not police his photos. I am the kind of person who does not know if people use my photos. Only once have I ever dinged a website for using a photo of mine without telling me. I had them add my name because I wanted to help the person who was in the photo.

I wonder if the web has made photography less valued. I wonder if so many people are willing to give it away for free, does it make it easier for other people to take? I am wondering if it is something that cannot be avoided because of the way other copyright holders act.


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