2007 Goals

The apartment

Here are my goals from 2007 and results:

Take a photography everyday (Failed)
Post at least 200 pre-2005 to Flickr (Failed)
200,000 Views of my flickr Photostream (Failed)
Post 2000 photo to flickr (Pass)
Spend the night at 12 places outside of San Jose (Pass)
Use my text messaging more. (Pass)
Use up all 500 of my monthly text messages at least once (Pass)
Blog at least 150 photos. (Pass)
Be open to the changes that come (Pass)
Listen to 120 new albums (Pass)

I got 7 out of 10 passing. I am not sure that is a passing grade because the three hardest are the ones I failed at. I think it is important to keep track of these things.


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