Ron and Dennis

The other day on NPR I heard a story about Dennis Kucinich not being able to be part of the Presidential Debate. The basic story on NPR was, Dennis Kucinich said that MSNBC is not serving the public good and he was being held off because GE, NBC's Parent Company sells nuclear power plants and he is anti nuclear power. MSNBC said that they want the debate to be between candidates who actually have a chance to win the nomination.

Dennis Kucinich was also not in the New Hampshire debate that I watched, because he did not poll or finish high enough in Iowa. Ron Paul was in that debate on the Republican side. In my head Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are connected. They are both on the outsides of their party. Dennis Kucinich is closer to the green party and Ron Paul is closer to the Libertarian party. They are both US Representatives, No Representative has ever become President without being in a higher office first.

Some how Ron Paul gets a lot more support than Dennis Kucinich. So far Paul has four delegates and Dennis Kucinich had none. Ron Paul polls at almost 5% and Kucinich polls around 1%. I think they are the same amount of crazy, but they get different amounts of support. I wonder what that is.

Dennis Kucinich is closer to the mainstream of the democratic party than Ron Paul is to the mainstream of the Republican party, but Ron Paul has done a lot better job making his case. This who thing says something about the parties, but I am not sure what yet. We will have to see what happens in future elections. I think this says something about where politics is going in the US. I am just not sure where it will end up.


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