Wonder Con 2008

Wonder Con 2008:

Over the weekend I went to Wonder Con. It was an alright comics show. It would have been nice if there were better booths. I was not impressed with the booths that were there. There seemed to be fewer indie booths this year. They also seemed to be of lower quality. The number of people in costume was good, but not great. I would say it was not as good last year.

In other comic book convention news, I hear that Comic Con overbooked the convention by 1000 tables. I hear that are cutting people back with over 10 year relationships with the convention. It is true that I am getting this information third hand. If this is true, I hope this is not the end of the convention as we know it. I doubt they care cutting the big booths from the major studios. What I like the best is the hard to find stuff, not the stuff I can find anywhere.


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