48 Hour Film Festival

I went to second two sessions of the 48 Hour Film Festival today. It was showing as part of Cinequest. It is also referred to as filmapalooza. It was a pretty good deal. Four hours of short films for only $10. It was pretty good bang for the buck.

What surprised me was how processional all of the shorts were. I know these were the top of the top, but every one of these looked professional. They look like they had professional lighting and sound. Most of them looked like they had high level acting also. I wonder what they city compositions are like. I wonder if they have lower level films. I wonder this because I come from the world of National Novel Writing Months, where most of the writers are amateurs. I wonder what a project like this would like like from a bunch of amateurs.

I will warn you their website, 48.tv, is kind of wonky. I had a better time finding some of the 48 hour film festival Films on YouTube. That includes the winner from San Jose, which is the movie embedded at the top of this post.

If you participate in San Jose, let me know. I would love to blog about your process. I would love to take pictures of your process.


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