I went to see the movie Disfigured today. Disfigured is currently playing festivals. It is playing at Cinequest in San Jose. It is a movie about an overweight woman and an anorexic woman who become friends. The movie is really interesting. It deals with ideas about self, weight, body image, and society.

I liked this movie. The writer and director of this movie really did a good job. The opening scene is just amazing. He sets the tone for the movie and introduced the characters. The scene is just breathtaking. There are also some pretty good camera tricks during the emotional scenes.

There is an incredible sex scene in the movie. The filmmaker thinks it is the only lovingly shot sex scene between two heavy people. They might be right. It is just a great scene. I wander what it will look like if they need to cut it down for an R rating. I cannot think the MPAA will deal well with heavy people having sex.

If you get a chance see this movie. I know that I did not want to see it when I first heard about it, but it is worth it. It is worth getting over that first level of being worried about not liking the subject matter, it was worth it. There is real human drama in this movie.

Here is Ealasaid's review of Disfigured.


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