Views on Flickr: A 2 View Photo

2008 Spring Vacation: The Motel Room

I want to start a new series of blog posts looking at views on flickr. Above is a photo titled 2008 Spring Vacation: The Motel Room. This is a good example of a photo that only has two views. I did not have any photos on flickr that have been posted for more that a month that has only one view. In practical terms, this is on of my worst photos on flickr. I have not be rewarded for posting it on flickr.

One of the things that I notice is that it is poorly tagged and not in many groups. Right after I post this photo I will update the tags and add the photo to more groups. Even as I do that, it will not get this photo that many extra views. There are few good elements in this photo. I expect in a few weeks this photo will top out at about ten views.


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