Copy Right and Muggles

Wonder Con 2008: Students

I was thinking about the Harry Potter Lexicon Lawsuit. I come down on the side of the person who runs the website. I think that JK Rowling comes off as the big guy picking on the little guy here. I know in court she said, "Do your book, but please, change it so it does not take as much of my work." It still does not sit well for me. If she did not block the website she should not block the book. It feel like she is just trying to keep the door open for to releaser her own guide book. Maybe this is because of this:

Rowling’s lawyer, Dale M Cendali, concentrated on marketing, saying the guide could hurt Rowling’s ability to sell books and Warner Brothers’ interest in marketing movies

I am still not sure what happened with this lawsuit. I am happy with Orson Scott Card giving Rowling the Smack Down.


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