Lost and Found

For the third season in a row, Lost had a great season ending. How do I define great? Not only did it answer my number one question, it also makes me want to seen the next season right now. I will be looking forward to the start of season five. I am amazed how they have been able to take the idea of people being stuck on an island and make it so interesting.

My guess is that next season the present will be about Jack and the Oceaninc 6 and the flash backs will be to what happened on the island after the Oceaninc 6 left.

My top 10 Lost questions

1. What happened on the island after the Oceaninc 6 left?
2. Where is Clare?
3. How did Locke die?
4. What is the Temple?
5. How will the Oceaninc 6 make it back to the island?
6. Where is the Island now?
7. What is Charles Widmore connection to the DHARMA Initiative
8. Who found the island in the first place?
9. Why does Richard not age?
10. Why is the wheel to move the Island in a frozen room?
11. What is the story about the Four Toed Statue?


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