Back From Vacation At Comic Con

Comic Con 2008:

My vacation is just about over now. I did not blog very much while I was on the road. I spent my time, at comic con, with Kate, with my friends, seeing people, seeing movies, eating, and doing other vacation things. When I did have time at my computer I was working on my photos. I was looking through photos, uploading to flickr, or adding tags to the photos.

Comic Con was great. Kate had a good time going with me. It was her first comic con and I am happy that she had a good time. This makes it likely that we will likely back to Comic Con in the future. I am happy she had a good time.

One of the reasons she had a good time is because we got to see lots of friends there. Kate got to meet a lot of people from the first time. I am happy that Kate liked my friends and they liked her.

Top ten thing about comic con

10. Dumbrell Panel
9. Chuck Panel
8. Buying the first copy of Cool Jerk Vol 2.
7. Animation of Peanuts Panel
6. Taking Photos of People in Costume
5. Watching Chris Being a Tonight Show Correspondent
4. Shopping at Scarlett's Corsets
3. Walking around the floor before it was open
2. Watchmen Panel
1. Helping set up the Kids Love Comics booth

Top ten non-Comic Con Specific things

10. Driving down the San Diego with Kate
9. Sunday Brunch with Steve and Kristin
8. Swimming in Steve's Pool
7. Dinner at Pizza Port with Gerry
6. Karen's Birthday Dinner At Fred's Mexican
5. Dinner with the AZ girls at Ocean Beach
4. Dinner with Jimmy, Karen, Harold, Anna and Stella.
3. Staying with Steve and Kristin
2. Seeing people I do not see Often
1. Kate meeting my friends


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