Best Albums of this decade

April 21: scattered

Is it too early for me to be thinking about the best albums of the 00 decade? I hope not, because I have been thinking about them for a while. I know that if I do not think about this list now, I will never get the list done in a reasonable time.

The funny thing, this is the decade that I have been the most interested in music. In the 80s I was very young when it started and could not find music for myself. In the 90s I was very connected to music while I was in college, but after that I all but forgot about music. By the end of the decade I was not listening to anything.

Because of the internet, iPods, and blogs, I really connected to music early in this decade. It has been a great decade for music. There are a lot of bands that I know of that I doubt I would have heard of in former decades. It is true that the music industry has also changed in this time. These bands might have been signed in the past.

I have started working on my list of the best albums from this decade. So far the list has over 100 albums on it. Those are just albums which I have tracks from on my laptop. I think the list will get bigger as I look at all the albums from the decade. I know there are things I must be forgetting.

Of course this means I still listen to albums. I am not sure how many other people are still listening to albums. I keep on hearing how albums are going away, but I have not see it yet. The bands I listen to are still putting out albums. It might be a little while longer before they go away. This might be the last decade for a list like this.

Let me know if you want to do this as a project. I want to know if I can get lists from enough people so I can give more than just my ranking.

Is anyone else going to make a list of the best albums from the 00's?
How many albums will you put on your list?
How detailed are you going to be about the ranking?

Update: I am defining the decade at 2000-2009. I know the whole zero year thing is in play, but I think it is esthetically better to start on 2000.


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