cloud computing and data center energy

A few weeks ago I watched a you tube video about cloud computing. From what I can figure, idea of cloud computing is that all of the powerful stuff with computing happens on the server. The idea is a networked world gives more power to the computers. The power is without location. Home computers can be less powerful because the power is all upstream.

A few days ago I read a story of how Energy costs for data centers forecast to leap 13-fold by 2012 If energy costs and energy needs keep on going up, will cloud computing still work? Will increased costs keep this change from happening. One of the problems is that running flash and modern web browsers still need powerful machines. It is not like I can dust off my old windows 98 laptop and make youtube work on it. I am not sure people in this video are thinking about what it cost to run a data center. If they are let me know.

I wish I was an expert on this topic so I would write more about it.


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