Hancock Review

I saw Hancock about a week ago. I love comics and I love superheroes. I was looking forward to this movie because it was not using characters from Marvel or DC. It was using a character made up for the movie. This would give the writers freedom to do things you could not do with Superman. You can make Hancock a drunk without making the head of Warner Bros and DC blow a vain.

I love the way they use this freedom for the first two acts of the movie. I love the idea of a superhero that saves people while being a misanthrope at the same time. He saves people's lives and is hated by them at the same time because of the way he did it. Will Smith does a great job playing a superhero who is in conflict with himself and the world.

After saving people and causing damage at the same time, he ends up being sent to jail. Of course he has to choose to go to jail because he can just fly out at any moment. There are lots of great moments where they explore what it means for someone this powerful to be in jail.

That being said, I was disappointed in the end of the movie. The third act blows. They get into how he came to be, how he is superhero. At this point the movie falls apart. They do not need to go there. I think the movie would have been better if we were left wondering if he was really just superman in disguise. In the end the movie is very disappointing.


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