10 Favorite American Olympic Teams

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To match my list of my favorite Gold metal Winners is my list of my list of my favorite Gold Metal teams.

10. 1984 Men's Gymnastics - These guys were instant stars after winning the team metal. It might be because my sisters, but I wanted every minute of Men's Gymnastics. This team made Gymnastics look cool.

9. 1996 Women's Basketball - This Olympic win launched two different Pro leagues. These women where winners. they wanted to prove they were just as good as the Dream teams.

8. 2008 Women's Coxed eights Rowing - I watched this team win the gold. They lead the whole race. Even when other teams made runs at time, they kept their cool. They really wanted to win and they took it.

7. 1992 Men's 4x100 track relay - Michael Marsh, Dennis Mitchell, Leroy Burrell, Carl Lewis, at world record time. This is my favorite track relay race. This team came in over the hill. They still brought it home.

6. 1996 Softball - Softball finally get to the Olympics. The story of people like Dorothy Richardson who took time off from Med School to play in the Olympics. I love that once they got their, they cashed in on it. They did not let the chance get by them.

5. 2008 Men's 4x100 Freestyle Relay - This was a great race for the gold. The US won by catching the French team in the last leg. They won by .08 of a second. That is amazing. I did not think they could do it, but they did.

4. 2004 & 2008 Misty May-Treanor-Kerri Walsh Beach Volleyball - I could not stop watching this team. It is not only because they wear really skimpy outfits. They played great together. When things went against them they picked each other up. When the got ahead of other teams, they closed the door. Not only did they win every match, but also every game in 2008. They are the best Beach Volleyball team of all time.

3. 1996 Woman's Gymnastics - They were the Magnificent Seven, the best team America ever sent, and they were the home team. There is something to be said about winning when you are meant to win. It was not an easy win. They came, competed hard, and brought the gold home.

2. 1988 Men's Volleyball - Because of the 1984 team and the 1988 team Volleyball was the coolest sport when I was growing up. In 1988 not only did they win the gold, no one boycotted the games. They played the best in the gold and still won. I think this might be the coolest Olympic team ever.

1. 1980 Hockey - This is the greatest real life Rocky story. This team was a bunch of American College kids. They were playing a hockey team that was good enough to beat the NHL all-stars. It was amazing that this team won. I was 8 years when this happened. I did not realized how big that moment in was off the ice and in the cold war. It was still a great moment in sports even without the politics.


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