Twitter like people are listening

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I saw this blog post about Twitter Etiquette linked on Laughing Squid. I think this is pretty good. My three keys to twitter are simple.

1. Remember that people use twitter on different platforms. Some people use it on their phone, some people use it via the web, and some use it IM. Not everyone will be able to follow your links. If every post you make has a URL, you are cutting yourself off from some the the readers.

2. Slow down! If you are sending more that 5 twitter 10 minutes, 10 twitters in an hour, or 20 twitters in a day, you need to find other ways to communicate. Twitter is great for occasional messages. I do not need blow by blow accounts of most things. Remember that.

3. Mix it up! If you are always twittering about the same thing or in the same style it is going to get boring. If you are always talking about tweeting about your blog entries it will be a snooze. I do not only want to know about how campcamp was. If every entry is about some party I am not invited to, it is not so cool.

Just remember, people are really paying attention to your twitter. Just act like they are


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