Oh My Science

I spent a little time looking at Oh My Science this week. It is a site that collects on the tweets where people say Oh My Science instead of Oh My God.

This is a really strange site to me. It says a lot about language and America to me. I understand people who want to get God out of their life. In the US God is everywhere, even on our money. Most people say Oh My God without thinking about what it means. We do not think about what we are saying, we just stay it.

I spent a good amount of time looking at these site. There is something very odd about some of the messages.

oh my god science! those boxes were powered by people! un-freaking-believable.

Time for Ellie's first trip on a plane. May god science help us.

Thank God science for an accident. I was almost making good time going home.

I see some of these messages and people are treating science as superstition. These seems very odd. Most atheist I know are rational and do not believe in Superstition. This seems like an interesting turn of language.


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