Open Secrets

I was listening to KQED Forum talk about election funding. They were talking about what is happening in the current presidential election with fund raising. Obama is just blowing McCain away. The question is will this year's election change the way funding happens in the future.

One of the people on the show said that Obama has more money because he is more popular. He used the example of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom being popular before he won his first term and raising a lot of money also.

This reminded me of something my friend Fling93 says, "Price holds information." The idea is that price is really important. It tells companies the demand of their product. It tells companies if they should get into a business or not. It tells companies how to set their business priorities. The person is saying the same thing, Fund Raising holds information.

There is an important idea here. I am just not sure where the lines around this are. Fundraiser is good, but it can be bad also.

If you want to know more about election fund raising, look at Open Secrets. It is a good tool with good fund raising information.


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