Wonder Con 2008: punisher

I have been watching iFanboy on TiVoCast. They did a PodCast about the Punisher for the new Punisher War Zone Movie. The podcast covers the history of the Punisher. I am not sure how many Punisher Movies there have been, but this is the first in a long line.

The Podcast really puts its finger on the problem with the character of the Punisher. The character is cool for a few stories, but he gets old after a while. You can only be an angry killer who kills killers. There are only so many stories you can tell with him. After about a dozen issues you have done everything with him. Here are a handful of things you can do with the Punisher that could be done will in his own book.

Five things I would do with the Character of the Punisher

1. Punisher as Prison Warden - A man who wants to kill people is the man who has to keep the peace. I think this would lead to a great story. I think it would really work if you made the prison like Escape From New York. I think it would be interesting to put the Punisher in a place where he is in charge. What would he do it if was in charge.

2. Punisher in the third world - I think one of the problems with the Punisher is that he is running around New York City. There are only so many types of people that need to be punished. It is all mobsters and drug dealers.

In think going all around the world there are people that need to be punished. I could see the Punisher fighting against third world dictators. It would be great to see him hunt extremist.

3. Punisher as Mentor - One of the problem with the Punisher is that there are no really good supporting characters for him. I know there is microchip, but he is not that likable. I think it would be great if he was teaching someone else. How would the Punisher try to mold someone into someone like him?

4. Punisher Herald of Galactus I know it may sound silly to make the Punisher fly around the Universe finding planets for Galactus feed on. It might sound as silly as making the Punisher some demon. It is not really the same idea.

5. Cooking with the Punisher - If Space Ghost Coast to Coast could be a hit for the Cartoon Network, you could make a funny cooking show with the Punisher.


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