One Song a day project

I am always thinking a lot about music. I think about what I am adding to my music library and what I am listening to. I have also been thinking about the songs that have come out in this decade. I have over 25,000 songs that have come out this decade. There is no way I can listen to all of it. I need to find a way to listen to music that I might otherwise miss.

So I have decided on a project for this year. I am going to listen to one random song every day. For iTunes I even made a smart playlist to help me. After listening to that song I write something small. Just a little reaction to the song.

I plan on doing it everyday, Or at least every work day. That gives me 250 times to it this year. This means you still have the chance to catch up. Why don't you join me?

Match all of the following Rules

Year - is in the range - 2000 to 2009
Last Played - Is Before - 1/1/09
Check Limit to 1 item Selected by Random
Check Live Updating

You might need to throw in
Podcast - is - false
Genre - is not - Christmas (But I have a lot of Christmas Music)


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