Executive Pay

Since the start of our current Great Recession, I have heard a lot about Executive Pay. A little while ago it was announced that some Bank Executives received 18 Billion dollars in Bonus Pay. These are banks that got bailout money. People were outraged about this. They talked about Wall Street and bankers being out of touch with the rest of America. President Barack Obama announced that there will be Executive Pay limits on future banks that get bail out funds. Some people have compared Obama stance on Executive Pay to Reagan breaking up the Air Traffic Controllers union.

I Think it might be going a little far. Lawrence Lindsey brought up a great point on the daily show.

These bonuses are only a small part of the problem. The problem is a lot bigger than bonus pay or CEOs going on private jets. I think focusing on these issues is short sited and addressing these issue is grandstanding. I know symbols are important, but I want the president working to really fix the problem and not just the symbols.


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