Future of Toll Roads

There is a post on Slash Dot saying that we might see more toll roads because of automatic toll tacking technology. I am of two minds for toll roads. I like the idea of the use of roads paying for the upkeep of roads. The problem is when law makers misuse funds because they are easy to collect. In California the roads are not called "highways" they are called "freeways." I am not sure what people in this state would do if people started charging for highways.

In some way I can see how environmentalist would be pro-toll roads, but I worry it could be worst for the environment in the long run. People will often go out of their way to avoid a toll. I worry that making a lot of roads into toll roads can be very short sited.

Toll roads can be a good funding idea if the road is going to be of limited use. It is not a good idea of people just want to avoid raising taxes.


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