Lost Questions

A few months ago I did a blog entry of questions for the TV show Lost. I am pretty confident that most of the questions that I asked will be answered. I Still have more questions. I guess I could ask more than 100 questions about lost. This is my new list of questions.

Here are my current top Ten Questions for the Lost the TV show

10. Who were the first people on the island?
9. How old is Richard?
8. How many "Log Carriers" are left?
7. Will we see the Four Toe Statue while the island is bouncing in time?
6. Where is did "Jughead" end up when flight 815 got to the island?
5. Did Charles Widmore Use the Frozen Donkey Wheel?
4. What is the Smoke Monster?
3. How does Charles Widmore become an other?
2. How Many Different Ways have people come to the Island?
1. How Many People Died on the Island?

I could ask this question of the producers of Lost on the Official Lost Podcast, but I am not sure I want to hear them make fun of my questions.


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