The bachelor Party

My bachelor party was last night. For a long time, from the age of 24 to the age of 32 I thought my bachelor party would be a blow out. I thought it would be the kind thing that would end up in the stories of people who were not even there. I thought it would have elements like an RV, Kegs, Strippers, State Police, Milk Maids, and a trip across a state line.

I am not sure if I got too old for that, I am too tried and stressed from us planning the wedding, or I just have a different feeling because my relationship with Kate. All I know is that I did not really want to have a crazy bachelor party. We just went to Hooters and the Rock Bottom Brewing Company. I wanted to go to Hooters because I wanted hot wings. Kate will never go to Hooters for wings.

Yes I got drunk at Hooters. Beer and hot wings will do that for me. I only had one drink while I was there. It was more fun to just have my friends sitting around drinking. I need to get those guys to a bar and drink some time in the future.


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