Wedding Notes: March 22

Most of my family were staying in the hotel
I woke up before Kate to have breakfast with, Alice, the Greens, and the Hoffmanns. Kate joined me later to have breakfast with my mom, Kathy, Jed and Janice, and the Prattles,
We went back to the apartment, finished packing and opened a few more gifts.
We were on the road. It was I-880, I-680, Over the Martinez bridge, I-80, I-505, I-5. We had lunch at Mary's Pizza Shack in Vacaville and had pasta.
We were happy to get through the mountain passes without issue. We saw snow, but we did not need chains. I am happy the passes were open.
We spent the night in Ashland, Oregon. Ashland was dead because it was Springbreak and there were no plays that week
We pulled into the Bard's Inn and asked if they had HBO. We needed HBO to see the finally of Big Love. They called four other hotels looking for one that had HBO. I guess Ashland is a very literate town. More hotels had sharing libraries than HBO. We needed to see the Big Love Finish. The hotel clerk thought it was romantic I was doing this for my wife.
Got Takeout hamburgers at munchies
We ended up staying at the Ashland Springs Hotel.
Kate want to come back to Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival. I think that would be pretty cool.


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