Taxes and the Rule of Law

I have been thinking about the Fox Anti-Tax tea parties. For the most part I find this protests to be very cynical. I understand the problem people have with taxes. I just see people who are very well served by the government as the people protesting the taxes. That is just silly. I think that people are protesting what they imagine will happen with taxes and not what is happening.

Many of the roots of this protest come from the people who voted for Ron Paul last year. I know some people who are against income taxes. What I can see in the world is that there are only two kinds system of rule. There is the Rule of Law and the Rule of the Gun. All over the world we see the way warlords, sectarian, and gangsters rule by killing and putting populations in fear. The Rule of the Gun is not fair, it just is brutal. Often this starts happening before the government stops working. Look at Mexico.

I think governments having tax dollars is something that is important. I think ti is taxes that keeps us away from anarchy. Let me know if I have something wrong here.


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