John Hodgman is a Nerd

The more I see John Hodgman, the more I think he is a comic genius. I love him on the daily show, but he does not even show a quarter of his talent. Watching his above video really shows his skill. I was just amazed by this. His Ted talk about Aliens was really funny. When I see these clips I want to see more and more of John Hodgman.

The problem is that he is already on the best platform for his humor, The Daily Show. I cannot see how he can make use of what he does really well anywhere else in the mainstream media. I cannot see him getting a tv show of his own, a sitcom would not work, and I am not sure what else would work. There is so much in these clips. Maybe he will be able to make an internet future for himself, but will that make any money. I want to see more of John Hodgman, but I have the feeling I won't.


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