Joe Theismann moment

We went to see The Blind side yesterday. I am a big sports movie nut and Kate liked the preview, so we were good to go. I was caught by surprise when the movie starts with the Joe Theismann injury. It took me about two seconds to realize that is what the video was. The movie takes a couple of minutes before they make clear the connection between the video and the shot.

I remember that Monday Night Game. I was watching in the living room. It was 13 years old when I saw it. At that time it did not effect me at all. I knew it was a hard hit, but I had seen hard hits before. I had seen people go off the field before. It did not mean much to me.

I also watched that video again back in 2000. At that time it seemed like just nasty video. I did not have an emotional attachment to me. I thought it was cool to see it again. This time I knew the result. I knew that Joe Theismann would not play another game, but he would have a good career as a play-by-play announcer.

Watching it again now, before the Blind Side I was really taken by surprise. I have no doubt that this is how the book the Blind Side starts. Having read Money Ball, this totally fits Michael Lewis' style.

This time watching the video, on the big screen, it really effected me. I saw the video in an emotional way that I never saw it before. It really made me think in a way I never thought before. It might be, this is the first time I have seen the video being older than Joe Theismann at the time. He was 36 when he got hit by Lawrence Taylor, I am now 37. I understand something about work and jobs that I never thought about before. The idea of one hit ending Joe Theismann career is something that I was not ready for before seeing a feel good sports movie.

I really felt like I took a shot to the stomach right at the start of the movie. It really did a lot to frame how I felt for the first 20 minutes of the movie. I thought it was a pretty interesting technique to set the tone for a movie.

The movie is pretty good, It does not crack my list of best sports, or best football movies. It might crack my list of best Sandra Bullock movies


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