Avatar Pt. 2

A list of grievances for James Cameron

1. Elementary, my dear, Cameron
I'll admit it, I'm really picky when it comes to my Sci-Fi. The story has to be just as rich as the graphics. While I was impressed with Avatars graphics I was not impressed with the story at all. Of course there were holes, every movie has holes. But, others have a bit of sencierity mixed in. Even with the whirly gig lizards, Mr. Cameron I was not impressed with your clunky story. You seemed to want to tackle a lot of important isues but you bit off more than a mouthful here. Peace, love and science are important I agree with you, but did you need to gloss over them with that Hollywood paintbrush that makes everything seem so vapid? It makes it hard to take you seriously, James.

2. Love, good. Cooperations and military, bad.
You seem to have gone to extremes here. People are never these obvious archetypes you have turned them into. You seem to have gotten the whole Bush/Cheney, steroided, killing machine soldier who would love nothing more than to shoot you in the face and then call your Mom and tell her what he has done. Colonel Miles Quaritch, pretty one note. I would think that you'd want to make him more complex. The same with Parker Selfridge, whats the deal here? Lazy character generation, James.

3. If you want to know about someones disability just ask.
While I was initially excited about the recognition of a disabled main character, I object to the way he was portrayed. It seems as if you did not consult with anyone in a wheelchair or who had been injured military combat. They would have told you of excruciating pain, unimaginable depression, and daily rituals that remind them of how unable they are. Rather you have taken Corporal Jake Sully out of chair, and put him in Pandora. You are preaching tolerance, and love then you ask Jake to deny what has become part of who he is? In making it a non-issue you only succeed in being insulting. Why should he have to deny his reality? Why should he have to be like everybody else? There is no handicapped access in Pandora, I'm assuming?


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