Best Days of the Decade

A few days ago I posted my best day of 2009. This got me to think about the best days of the '00s. Here is the list that is popping my head.

My wedding day
The Phillies Winning the World Series
My First date with Kate
When I went from A temp to a permanent Employee At TiVo
Eric hosting my 30th birthday Party
The TiVo Picnic-Open House
Asking Kate to marry me on the Burnside Bridge
My First Raise at TiVo
The Project Review of the 3.2 TiVo Software
The first baseball game Kate and I went to together
Finishing my First Nanowrimo novel
Going to Prague on my own.
Sailing Around San Francisco Bay with Bullwinkle
Kate meeting my parents
Me meeting Kate's parents
Going to the Site of the First Olympics with Sean and his family.
My first Phillies at Citizens Bank Park
When I insisted Kate move in with me
The first bonus I got at TiVo
Going to the Philadelphia Zoo with Ruth, Charlie, and Kathy
Getting the offer from VuDu
My Second Date with Abigail
Going to the SF Zoo for Kate's Birthday
My interview at SlingMedia
My Birthday At the Phillies Game/My Last Game at the VET.


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