Oscars of the Decade - Best Director


Clint Eastwood - Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby is a heart breaker of a movie. Every character carries so much with them in this movie. Ever action is about something else. The movie builds and takes a turn that is unexpected. The movie stays true to its theme with that turn, making more than just a sports movie.

Ben Afflect - Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone is a morally complex movie with characters going lots of directions. There is a ton going on in this movie. Ben Afflect asks a lot of the viewer in this movie. There is a lot about the nature of right and wrong in this movie. Ben Afflect gets all the elements of this movie to work great together. The movie has a point of view that I really love.

Stephen Frears - The Queen

There is something about this movie that keeps me coming back to it. There is something about the British Monarchy that I just don't get. Watching The Queen I have the feeling that the members of the Monarchy don't really get it either. There is so little happening in this movie, yet it is so powerful. The minimal nature of this movie is what makes it great. It says a lot about the subject with every little plot.

Jason Reitman - Up In The Air

This is a movie where the director makes is like and care for people that we might not like in real life. If I got fired by an outsider I would not be happy. Still Jason Reitman makes it care about what happens to George Clooney's character. Up In The Air has a lot of visual story telling. The shots tell us so much about what is going on.


Derren Aronofsky - The Wrestler

The Wrestler is a movie that is really about emotions and obsession. It is about a person that only has a good life where everything is fake. It is about a person who would rather die that give something up. All of these things are so personal. Everyone in this movie acts their ass off. Derren Aronofsky creates a world where these things work so well.


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