Oscars of the Decade: Best Leading Actor


Philip Seymour Hoffman - Capote

It can be hard to play someone like Truman Capote because he spent so much time in the media. People think they understand him because he was on TV so much. Philip Seymour Hoffman was able to present the Truman Capote people knew in the media, but also show genuine emotion. I think that is amazing.

Mickey Rourke - The Wrestler

Mickey Rourke is so good in this movie. He is beaten up both physically and emotionally. There is something about Randy "The Ram" Robinson that Mickey Rourke just keys into. He is a character that is only good at one thing and that one thing is killing him. It is amazing the way Rourke gives total life to this part. You never doubted anything Mickey Rourke did in this movie. Some how I felt like I was watching Mickey Rourke the whole time, but that he was being totally honest with the audience.

Daniel Day-Lewis - There Will Be Blood

There are few movies that focus on the villain. Few movies where that protagonist is such a reprehensible character. Daniel Plainview is the bad guy and he is the protagonist of the movie. Daniel Day-Lewis carries this movie on his back. Day-Lewis fills the screen with anger and disdain while giving little glances of the characters need and self loathing. It might be a little over the top, but the right amount of over the top can make a movie great.

Clive Owen - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

I think violence is a hard idea for movies. The idea has been worn thin so it means so much less. People have to overplay violence for it to have any impact. Clive Owen plays Will Graham as a violent and scary man without having to be violent. You can see there is something bubbling the whole time.


Paul Giamatti - Sideways

This the role that really put Paul Giamatti on the map. Playing Miles Raymond, Paul Giamatti plays a stuck up, over educated, under accomplished, alcoholic. He uses his knowledge of wine and his over developed pallet to make his alcoholism seem more socially accessible. Paul Giamatti pegs this character's awkwardness and comfortableness with the world perfectly. You get the feeling he likes wine because everything else has falling apart. All he can control is what wine he drinks. It is an amazing performance.


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